UPDATE: Because It’s Been Weeks

First off, I’m sorry I’ve been gone. I wasn’t entirely certain I’d keep this up since it was originally started to log my time at NYU. I don’t think I’ll keep up with it completely, but I had made myself a compromised in that I’d come back and update when I felt like things in my move to New York solidified. Well, now I’m back (if momentarily) to update because…


I’m going to back up a bit and go over the process.

First: I applied for literally everything I was even remotely interested in and qualified for within book publishing. I checked multiple sites, multiple times, every single day for postings. LinkedIn, bookjobs.com, mediabistro.com, publishersweekly.com, publishersmarketplace.com, the corporate sites for the the big five and career pages for the smaller/mid-size houses, etc. The sooner you apply, the higher your chances of getting contacted.

Those roles included: editorial assistant positions, internships, marketing assistant positions, publicity assistant positions, literary agency assistant positions, administrative positions, managing editorial assistant positions, production assistant, ad/promo assistant, etc.

The companies varied in type: start-up/small indie book publishers, academic publishers, all of the big 5 (Penguin Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster), mid-sized houses, university presses, lit agencies (both large and boutique), Disney (for both Marvel and Hyperion Books), etc.

Second: I waited. I waited a LOT. Most places will not get back to you unless they’re interested. I heard back about two of the 30+ positions I applied for, and I was lucky. The first was for an editorial assistant position with Macmillan Learning (Macmillan’s academic textbook publishing entity) and the second was for a production assistant position with Skyhorse Publishing (small indie trade publishing house based in New York).

I heard from Macmillan Learning on Tuesday, July 19th and then interviewed on Wednesday, July 20th with the editor I’d be working with most in the position – I also met with two other staff members in the department. I was given a test, to return to them by Friday, July 222nd. I did. And then was told they’d liked to have a decision by early the following week. I waited. I was contacted back on Tuesday, July 26th that they were making their final decision within the next day or so. I waited again. And waited some more. I followed up via email to check in about the process on Monday August 1st, to discover that the editor I’d be working with most (and the gentleman who interviewed me) was out of the office for the rest of the week. I waited some more. I got an email from HR on the morning of Friday, August 5th asking for some time for a phone call that afternoon. Half an hour until the end of the business day on that Friday, I got a phone call with the office.

The other interview process: I was contacted via email Wednesday, July 20th by their HR department (no name, just “HR”). Went in to interview on Thursday, July 21st. Was asked to do a short write-up follow up by the following morning (Friday, July 22nd), and was told their aim for a decision was the end of day that Friday (the 22nd). I waited. I waited over the weekend. I emailed a follow-up/check-in with the interviewer on Tuesday, July 26th, again with an assistant on Wednesday the 27th, and yet again with HR on Friday the 29th. On August 1st, I emailed my only other contact from that company (who wasn’t involved in my interview process and actually works in a completely different department) to see if she had any insight. She did not respond. Instead, on Tuesday, August 2nd. I received a non-descript rejection email from an HR rep (who I had not met during my time at their offices). Nothing more.

Currently, I am still waiting on the official offer/employment letter and contract/other paperwork from the Macmillan Learning Offices. I very sincerely hope to get it tomorrow, because I need it to get an apartment.

Words of advice for those who want it: Apply for everything you think you qualify for. Ask everyone who you think would know about job openings. Ask them to send your info along if you think it’s worthwhile. If you’ve started the interview process – FOLLOW UP REGULARLY AND POLITELY. It keeps your name fresh in their minds, and keeps you from going completely insane with the waiting.

What am I doing now? I’m packing, and I’m hoping to get an apartment soon. I, and three other girls who went through the program, put down a deposit on an apartment today – I’m hoping to approval is quick. I need to get the last of my paperwork in (basically just waiting on official proof of employment letters from my employers) so it can move forward – so that’s quite literally the last little hoop on this end. I also need to know what my official first start date is, because I’d like to go home and get the rest of my belongings.

I’ll be back again once I’m all settled into my new place and job. But, as a heads up, I think that’ll be it for this blog. Until then though, I hope you’re all doing well.