First things first, I should explain about my name, and the name of the blog. I’m Un, and I’m here to share about my summer! Born and raised in Alaska, I moved to Montana in 2011 for college. In January of 2015, just after graduating, I started working for a nonprofit in Bozeman, Montana and have worked with them ever since. Despite the wide range of tasks associated with my job, I’ve always gravitated toward the world of writing – particularly publishing, but there’ll be more on that in a minute.

Now, because of how my name is pronounced (like Uno, without the O), “Un-believable” became a nickname of mine not too long ago. The nickname, beside being awesome, has been something of an eye-opener for me. I can’t help but look at the world and see how unbelievably wonderful it is. Especially as of late.

Just over a year ago, I was accepted to New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute – a six-week intensive program covering the basics of media & digital publishing, as well as book/print publishing. This blog is where I hope to chronicle my stay in New York for the summer!

I’ve never been to the city, and I’m sure the workload for the course will keep me plenty busy when I’m not out exploring, but I hope to share what I can, when I can, to the best of my ability. If you’re following, I appreciate it!