Our imprint won the “Best Website” award! This is especially rewarding because I made the website! I haven’t had much experience with before, but I got the hang of it eventually. There really isn’t too much freedom in terms of the design if you pick a template – you can customize colors and such, but the general layout and build of the website isn’t as customizable – but that makes sense when you pick a pre-made temp! Which is absolutely what I did. I worked really hard on the website, and while my part in the presentation wasn’t the best (I didn’t really look at my notes???? I don’t even know why I took them up there besides the fact that having them helped? //shrug), navigating through the website was actually really helpful.

There was one other group who made an actual website (as opposed to creating a mock-up via InDesign and/or Photoshop). I liked theirs too! Lots of colors, fun designs, all that good stuff. They were the entertainment imprint (we were lifestyle) and their set up wasn’t too different from ours. They had everything separated out by individual titles though, as opposed to lumping all the authors together, the titles together (to then lead to individual pages), and then having news/content/events separate. Neither way is wrong, but I’m obviously partial to the latter, since that’s what I did haha.

Tomorrow is the career fair, so I’m brushing up on the companies that will be there, I’ve got my resume printed out (re-designed for a change of pace and now typo free!) to hand out, and I’m figuring out my elevator pitch. I’m going to work on that for the next little while, but Tiffani (my friend from Bozeman) is here for the weekend. She’s still at LaGuardia, but she’ll be in Manhattan soon so we’re going to get dinner and basically just do whatever for awhile before I get a good night’s sleep (I SLEPT THROUGH MY ALARM THIS MORNING! OOPS!) before the career fair in the morning. I should be all wrapped up with this by about 1 PM tomorrow, which is fantastic. I really plan to take the entire weekend to kick back. I’ll follow up with any of the recruiters who asks me to before the end of the day tomorrow, but honestly, most people in publishing have Friday afternoons off in the summer, so I’m just going to take the weekend to spend time with my friends and decompress.

Real life begins Monday! Maybe Tuesday! And it’s going to be fabulous! I’ll be back to write a couple final posts about the program as a whole and really get into the details. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to keep this wordpress blog going, since that wasn’t the intention when I started it, but it’s something I’m considering. In any event, I’ll be back with a few more posts and more photos, I promise. (:


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