Plans and a quick Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday, after a few conversations with friends, family, and general influencers in my life, and I still haven’t made any hard decisions yet, but I’m definitely leaning toward staying here after the program ends and finding a place to live and getting a job and basically just making the jump to New York. There are a handful of the people I know best who are all considering the same thing. Obviously, the validity and plausibility of it all will depend on how the job and house hunting goes – but here’s the plan:

  1. Send in applications in the upcoming weeks to any and all available positions that I feel I can apply for.
  2. Continue apartment hunting (trips to the Bronx, Brooklyn, Hoboken, and other areas are planned for the upcoming weekend) and be ready to move on it if it feels right.

I think the 4th of July weekend is going to be a good time to have a general decision made. Either I have a good enough idea about the potentials by then to make the commitment and throw all my eggs into one giant basket (aka NYC), or I don’t and go back home to re-attack the publishing thing in the future.

That sounds good. I’m going to start with that. Obviously, I’ll know more – after my resume review on Wednesday – about what sort of general thoughts HR people will have regarding my experience/etc. I’m going to try and come up with a cover letter template too. Maybe not for the review (I might run questions by the HR recruiter though?), but definitely after?

In other news, I went to Coney Island this weekend! I got a little burnt (on my back, so it’s not toooooo uncomfortable). And did laundry, and went to an HTML class (helpful, but not super informative in terms of what I already know) on Sunday.

Also, I just discovered that we’ll be getting free books for this session! The magazine publishers brought magazines too, some older issues and some current. But I didn’t expect we’d get books! This is my favvvvvoriteeeeee. (: 


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