Magazine Crunch Time!

So, all our reviews are done. And we’ve been let loose to finish our projects… Needless to say, we have a lot to do:

  • designing the actual magazine pages we’re presenting
    • cover
    • masthead
    • front of book (columns, etc)
    • features
  • finalize text of editorial components
    • brand mission statement
    • editorial marketing position (why do people need this brand)
    • editorial calendar
  • finalize text of business plan components
    • audience development plan
    • advertising/marketing plan
    • promotional/brand extension plan
    • media kit
  • formatting the above mentioned things to look fun and awesome for our presentation.
  • make a powerpoint/visual component of our presentation
  • put together a short promo video for the presentation

Did I mention we only have until Thursday afternoon? Or that we have to print four copies of everything and put it all in separate binders for the judges and program directors? Or that we have industry visits this afternoon, and limited color-printing access tomorrow?

I keep looking at it as just another 48 hours.  Well, just over 48 hours. Presentations are from 1-6pm on Thursday, with awards directly afterward. I’m hoping we’re maybe like, second or third in the lineup, not really anything after number five, but definitely not last, if we can help it. I just don’t wanna have to wait forever I guess.

Designing things is difficult. I created our OneSheet (a single-sided sheet that describes our brand, it’s editorial mission, the design philosophy, the business plan, the digital strategy, and all our circulation information) last night with a knock-off version of Illustrator/Photoshop that I’ve used before, mostly because I’m still only just now getting used to InDesign. Plus my InDesign is an older version and it’s making me made trying to go back and forth between programs. BUT I now have a much larger appreciation for my coworkers who do the design stuff. I always did, but now I really get it.

Anywho, back to work! If you don’t hear from me by Friday, assume I’ve collapse and have decided to sleep through the weekend.


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