Planning for the future…

Yesterday, a group of us went to Central Park, had lunch in the Upper East Side, and then ventured about The Met! Then my roommates and I went to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on 7th. All in all, the day was fabulous, and I’m still finding things that I absolutely love about this place.

I did some solo exploring around midtown New York today, which was a little hectic, but not too crazy. There was a Puerto Rico Pride Parade down 5th Ave, for something like 15 blocks so I walked a lot farther than I’d intended to, but that’s okay. I saw Grand Central Station, and the outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the New York Public Library, so I feel as though it was a productive day (:

I got home not too long after noon and ended up doing some preliminary house and job hunting. Talk about depressing. The cost of living in NYC is steep. I mean, I knew that before I got here, but wow. Also mildly depressing is looking for entry-level jobs that don’t require prior publishing experience. I found a couple things, but I still need to re-work my resume (we have resume reviews in a week and a half that’ll help), so I think I’ll hold off for awhile, until I’m a little less lazy and I maybe know a little more about the book publishing side of things.

Tomorrow starts week three – which really just consists of a couple more reviews tomorrow and two+ days to finalize things and put together out binders. It’s a little terrifying, but I’m glad the magazine session will be over soon. It’s been a hectic three weeks, and I’m ready for the book info (:


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