It’s a good day to fall in love.

So! After a rather hectic and chaotic night last night, I have to say, things with our group projects are coming along pretty well! Our digital/social media review today was positive and helpful, and our advertising/circulation review went swimmingly (: I feel relieved and excited about our project at this point, since all we have left is the design aspects and the final versions of our stories and plans/strategies for the final presentation and binder – and we have all next week for that!


After class, a few of the girls who live down the hall from me and I stopped at the wafel and dinges cart right by the subway station by our classes. We walk by the thing every day, and finally stopped. They were, as you can imagine, fabulous. (:


We also went to Times Square! Made it through the crowds of people, had some really yummy food (at West End Grill), and all in all just had a lot of fun (: I meant to take more photos, but honestly, I just wanted to take it all in first. I think the plan is to go to Central Park tomorrow. Honestly though, I don’t really care where I go or what I see. I know I’ve only really seen a tiny part of this city, and really it was a rather touristy part, but I’m falling in love with this city. There was a pianist in Times Square we passed, and a singer on the platform of the Union Square subway station who was absolutely having the time of his life singing and running around and performing. I realize they’re shows they put on, but it’s really awesome to see people doing what they love so brilliantly here. I love it.


There’s a whole weekend left for more too! And yeah, next week will entail a lot of work, I’m sure, when it comes to finalizing our project. BUT THEN, THE BOOK SESSION STARTS!

Honestly, I quite like the way today turned out, especially after how stressful the last few days have been.



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