Well shit.

So, you know how this magazine session was all about creating our own brand (with a print/magazine component and a web/digital component?) that was unique and awesome within our assigned category?

Turns out, our exact idea (same concept, same emphasis, same words, same everything) already exists, just in a digital-only platform. A few of us are going to talk to the program directors about it in the morning and figure out what to do from here. but in any event, Greatist was named as one of the top best 15 start-ups to work at last year – so at least we did a really good job with this idea?

And they’re hiring! Hahaha. They have some REALLY awesome job perks (nap room? flexible hours? unlimited vacation???). But none of their current positions are things I qualify for – except for one, and even that one’s a stretch because it’s a community management position, where I’d be working on establishing and building community outreach things from scratch. Not impossible, but not my favorite thing to do.

In any event, this is a bit of a set back, depending on what our directors say tomorrow. Hopefully we don’t have to start over from scratch (especially given that we won’t have the chance to pitch drafts to people and get feedback on our ideas), and hopefully we can figure out a way to distinguish ourselves from Greatist. In the next week…


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