The last couple days have been a little chaotic. Group work and complications persist. I was in heels (that I haven’t QUITE broken in yet) all day, so my feet hurt now, and I lost my MetroCard. The MTA office was closed when I called last night, but I left a message. They’re roughly a month behind on claims for lost cards and/or refunds, so if I see a refund, great. If not, meh.

20160609 - view

The networking event we had last night was fun! It was at the Kimmel Center by Washington Square Park (the view from the floor-ceiling windows of the 10th floor is above). We sat through a panel discussion on what’s new in editing when it comes to the digital side of things, and then food/drink/networking. That said, of the alumni we were meeting with were incredibly rude…? It’s why I don’t like networking. I’m fine talking with people and building relationships. I’m not exactly the greatest at it, but I manage okay. It’s just stupid when the people you’re trying to network with obviously don’t actually care or want to help in any way.

We’ve met a whole slew of people in the last couple days. The managing editor from National Geographic was probably my favorite – along with a writer-editor duo from The New Yorker and Vanity Fair (they put together the bridge scandal piece in a recent issue of Vanity Fair). I wanted to talk with all of them after their presentations, but the NatGeo editor’s presentation was followed directly by another one and there wasn’t time, and the Vanity Fair pair were mobbed by everyone else who wanted to talk to them… which has pretty much been the case for every other speaker we’ve had.

Today’s going to be another long day, since we have a couple reviews tomorrow that we don’t actually have anything done for. Okay, that’s a lie. We have general ideas for it all, but nothing formal written up… We’ll get there though. We have allllllll night after classes. In the meantime, have a photo of me and two of my roommates (Maya and Dimana) from last night’s event (:

20160609 - group



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