I went to The Strand Book Store! Woooo! (: I also went with my roommates to see Me Before You (which was missing quite a bit of scenes from the books, but movie adaptations are always going to be off). And I just kind of hung out this weekend. After last week, it was nice to just relax. (:

People we met today:

  • Amy Farley: senior editor @ Fast Company
  • Lorin Stein: editor @ The Paris Review
  • Eric Gillin: head of product of the food innovation group @ Condé Nast Traveler
  • Susan Kittenplan: vp & exec. editor of digital magazines @ Yahoo!
  • Rachel Christensen: director of social media @ Buzzfeed Life
  • Jed Sandberg: digital editor @ Bloomberg
  • Laura Schocker: exec. editor @
  • Adriana Nova: creative lead @ VaynerMedia
  • Janice Morris: head of lifestyle and entertainment news @ Twitter
  • Ethan Klapper: global social media editor @ Huffington Post
  • Stephanie Downes: senior manager of audience dev. @ Pitchfork
  • Paul Brady: deputy consumer news editor @ Condé Nast Traveler
  • Christian Hoard: senior editor @ Rolling Stone
  • Ray Isle: exec. editor @ Food & Wine
  • Jean Godfrey-June: beauty writer @ Goop

A lot of what we were “taught” today was based on the editorial test or social media. They’re two very different topics, yes, but the main take away? Know your audience and craft your copy (the text) to cater to the audience, whether it’s in the print or online or whatever your platform is.

As for our project, well, I’m just as confused about my role with this project as I was last week! Awesome!!! Okay, my group’s business team is going into our program director’s office hours in the morning to get a little more of a starting point. So in all honesty, we’ll have some direction, and it’ll be a-okay. I’m just a little stressed right now, haha go figure.

We also have an edit test that’s due on Thursday that’s giving me a headache. It’s basically a “test” that is intended to show HR peoples and editors at publications what you can do in terms of line-editing (grammar, etc.) as well as how well you’d channel the publication’s vibe/voice/etc. It’s not super stressful, just something else about the magazine hiring process that I’m not so excited about. I’m still trying to come to some kind of consensus about what I’d be willing to do in terms of working in the magazine publishing industry. But that’s neither here nor there.

In any event, I’m still leaning toward book publishing, but we’ll see how things go in the book session. Until then, more magazine work!



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