Stuff I probably shouldn’t worry about yet.

Recap of my time in New York thus far:

  • 93% – In Class / Doing Homework / At Program Event
  • 4% – On the subway or walking
  • 2% – Sleeping / Trying not to go crazy
  • 1% – Writing posts here and/or texting people and/or catching up on Facebook

Basically, I don’t have an answer for the people who’ve been asking me how I like NYC, because really, I haven’t really seen it, or gotten to know it much. Not really anyways, because let’s face it, this is what I know so far:

  • it’s hot outside
  • groceries are expensive
  • there’s a line, to everything
  • it’s hot inside
  • the subway system is kind of fun, if slightly confusing still yet
  • i’m in love with the narrow one-way side streets with the trees

That’s it. And based on that fabulous amoutn of knowledge, it’s kind of terrifying to think that potentially, in a month and a half, I might have to decide whether I take a job here or not.

In all honesty, a job offer almost guarantees that I will have to move, since there isn’t much in Montana in the way of publishing, whether in Digital/Magazine or in Book publishing. Moving means I’ll have to find a place to live (which is beyond stressful). And realistically speaking, I’ll really want the job that comes after the job I get offered, since it’ll probably be an assistant position of sorts. Or, I might get an internship placement as opposed to a job offer, in which case I’ll need to move and find a job, on top of (probably) not actually doing what I want to do (at least at first).

I mean, I’m not afraid to work through the assistant-type job. Experience is experience, and I’m all for learning new things and broadening my scope of skills and interests; I will bust my butt at any job or internship I take, because that’s just how I work – I don’t like disappointing people.

I just hope that regardless of the position and regardless of where I go, I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be – both in terms of the physical city/town/whatever, and in the workplace/among the other employees. I’ve worked jobs in the past where that hasn’t been the case, and I don’t know that I can handle that again. Particularly in this field because it doesn’t doesn’t just working difficult, it makes me hate what I do… and I don’t want to burn out before I even get where I’ve been working to get for the past few years. But I digress. If I go too much farther in this, I’m going to get ridiculously stressed out. And I’m already overwhelmed by this project. So.. yeah, IN OTHER NEWS:

Tomorrow begins the second week of the program! And we’ve got a lot of project reviews lined up. Not sure exactly how it’s going to go, since the business stuff is still completely over most of our heads. Not necessarily in terms of what it should look like – but more so where to start with our numbers. In any event, I’m going to sleep. I’m exhausted.


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