A sort of weekend.

We got dinner last night at Shake Shack!

When we got back, we all got some much needed quiet time last night for awhile before one of my roommates, Dimana, taught the rest of us how to play Euchre. It’s a sort of complicated card game, but it ended up being pretty funny. (: Plus, our cards were Adventure Time themed – which, while not something I’m really big into, is still pretty cute.

Got up this morning and took two two-hour computer workshops (Photoshop at 9-11, InDesign at 11-1), and now I’m back. It was an epic amount of information, that I’m not exactly super sure I’ll use in the future (realistically speaking I mean) – but it was pretty cool to see how it all works. At least on the beginner/basic level. Side note: InDesign takes just as long to load and start-up here in New York as it does in the YTI office back home. Go figure.

Speaking of! I got mail from the office today! A lovely little card from our little office family, and Gork! He, like me, had never been to New York City – though, I think the travel experience for him was a littttttle different from mine. In any event, I’ve got Gork here with me now (: and he’s a great companion for my adventures here (:

Plans for today? “Me Before You” came out yesterday, so we’re going to go see that sometime tonight, but also maybe explore and wander around beforehand – and get dinner. (: Until then, I’m going to hang out and maybe write a little bit.


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