Time, Inc.!!!

People we met today:

  • Lavinel Savu: executive managing editor @ InStyle
  • Claudio Golbarg: digital financial consultant
  • Ellen Asmodeeo: executive vice president & publisher @ Afar
  • Joe Puglisi: director of creative strategy @ BuzzFeed
  • Mike Beck: executive producer @ Time Inc. Studios
  • Callie Schweitzer: editorial directory, audience strategist @ Time and Time Inc.

Basically, today we just had lectures. Lots and lots of lectures. And a lot of it was numbers, so I don’t know how much of it actually stuck, but I took a lot of notes? haha

The biggest highlight of today was the special trip we got to make to Time Inc. (the publishing company who owns the brands TIME, People, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, and all kinds of other brands). While there, Callie Schweitzer gave a talk on getting in on the business, as well as a telling us about her own journey. And it’s kind of crazy.

She’s this 27-28 year old firecracker of a girl (because really, she’s not that much older than me, and she’s the same age as a couple people in this program even?) who has so much more energy than I would have ever thought? In any event, she’s said that none of the jobs she’s had existed before she was offered them – aka, her jobs have all been tailor made because she offered something that the company who hired her wanted her for.

Something that I’ve heard multiple people say so far is that working for a start-up, or a launch (which is what a start-up is in magazine/brand publishing), is pretty much the best thing you can do when starting out in publishing because of how much there is to do and how many different hats you have to wear? And every time I hear that, I just get transported back to my college Writing Center days when we talked about wearing a bunch of hats and having multiple different roles and purposes. And honestly, that trend has continued to follow me to my current (well, sort of current) job where we’re still in the beginning-ish stages of existence at YTI. I’ve done more at my job there in terms of variety of types of work than I have at any other job I’ve ever had. And I can’t be more glad, because it looks like that mindset and the willingness to be open and say yes to any and everything that needs doing is a good trait to have haha.

In any event, have some photos of downtown on the walk around to and from the Time Inc. building (:


That’s Sojin (FROM MONTANA!), Sara Jo (my suitemate) and meee. We’re all in the same magazine brand group (:


Time Inc. has a pretty fabulous view from their deck. What even?



Tomorrow is a relatively easy day. Some more lectures, times to work on our projects. Homework for the weekend to prep for next week. But it’s going to be good. I think my roommates and I are going to go see Me Before You tomorrow, and I have some computer workshops (through the program) on Saturday. The weekend looks promising either way though honestly – I’m going to be getting my bedding and hangers and stuff in the mail! (:


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