Miniature Update

This has very little to do with the program, but I did want to say that I bought a box of black hair dye, and now my hair’s black again.

In all honesty, the plan is for it to stay black for at least the next 6ish months. In part because I’m not entirely certain where my life is going to be taking me (job-wise) in the near future – especially post-SPI – but also because I’ve colored my hair pretty much every couple months if not more often than that even, since mid/late-July of last year. As healthy and robust and thick as my hair is, it’s definitely time to let it do its own thing and recover a little bit.

When I look at it, waiting a few months for the now-colored-black hair to grow out plus a few months for the new, natural black hair to grow out seems like forever. And I’m going to want to do something with it again in like, three weeks I’m pretty sure. But I’m pretty resolved to just let it be. I’m thinking of growing it out a bit, not necessarily very long, but a touch longer than it is now.

The shaved sides/back are still my favorite part of my hair, so I don’t think I’ll give that up anytime soon, but the top can grow out a bit for sure. That said, I do think I prefer a faded shave instead of an abrupt shave up at the crown. But in any event, that’ll grow out enough, and I can just get it blended better next time. And then it’ll be just fine.

So yeah, the hair’s black again, and as the plan stands now, fun hair things aren’t to come until probably pretty close to 2017. Am I upset, yeah a little. The silver I wanted this last go around never quite happened. It was really close, but the blue was hard to get fade out correctly, and even the correction we did, didn’t actually stay for very long. All of the different steps have been really cool and fun, just not quite what I was shooting for – in any event though, now I know for future attempts at lighter colors, what really needs doing. (:


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