Day Two!

Peoples we met:

  • Jon Gluck: the managing editor @ Vogue
  • Mamie Healy: editor-in-chief @
  • Pilar Guzmán: editor-in-chief @ Condé Nast Traveler
  • Aimee Bell: Deputy Editor @ Vanity Fair
  • Ben Berentson: site directory @
  • Sophie Donelson: editor @ House Beautiful
  • Rob Fischer: senior editor @ Rolling Stone
  • Connie Wang: fashion features directory @ Refinery29

Basically, today was a LOT of information on the actual contents/structure of magazines and digital content, mission statements, how most of the staff doesn’t actually know what the real mission statement of their brand is, and how the key to brands is the content. A takeaway? The audience determines the content, and since the audiences differ from platform to platform (print, social media, website, etc.), the content changes too – maybe not always in actual substance, but in style or form (video, long-form narrative, listicles, etc.). The biggest takeaway? Everyone has to be good at both the editorial stuff and the digital stuff, because editors have got a lot of different hats to put on. Good thing I have experience in the multiple hat gig! Maybe not these particular hats, but hey, I can learn!

Honestly, the more I head about magazines, the more exciting the world seems to me. I’m still pretty sold on books, but magazines aren’t completely off my radar the way they used to be. If I did work in magazines though, I think it’d be fun to work more on the design side – layouts, spreads, maybe even art, or placement of ads. The editorial side would be easier, because I like words, but honestly, Magazines are so visual for me that I think the digital angle would be a lot of fun.

As to our group project: we had a review session with the directors of the program today and their assessment was: 1) while the LGBTQ+ targeted idea would be good in the aspect that it’s uncharted territory, it would also be incredibly difficult, particularly because our target audience is so broad; and 2) our second broader idea would be more manageable, and simply need something unique to ensure that we were set apart.

Afterwards, we met as a group again and considering the time we have to put this project together (two weeks!) and the minimal grasp many of our group members have on the audience, we decided to go with the second idea. I’m definitely more comfortable with the concept and what we’re going for; we’ll see how ideas and what not all shakes out.

Stuff to look forward to: We’re invited to Time Inc.’s Media Talk tomorrow night. It’s an informational thing where they’ll tell us about Time Inc – there’ll be a few recruiters there, and basically, we’ll be given the opportunity to mingle and network some. I’m a little nervous lol,


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