Day One!

Mid-day check in:

The directors of the program are all super nice and encouraging, but realistic too, which is refreshing. Everyone I know has been nothing but encouraging and supportive, but the reality is that a job in this industry is going to take a lot of work and good connections: not impossible, but not super easy either. But that’s how it should be (:

Peoples we met:

  • Jess Cagle: editor of PEOPLE & Entertainment Weekly
  • Michael Clinton: president of Hearst Publishing

Peoples we meet this afternoon:

  • Scott Stossel: editor @ The Atlantic
  • Robert Safian: editor and managing director @ Fast Company
  • Bill Brink: media editor @ The New York Times
  • Maggie Murphy: editorial content director @ Texture, Next Issue Media
  • Anna Holmes: sr. vp, editorial, first look media, columnist @ The New York Times Book Review

We have a panel coming up this afternoon that’ll talk about what a magazine is now, but so far, I’m feeling a littttttle overwhelmed at all the info I’m getting? It’s super helpful, just so much more than I thought lol.

We’ll be meeting with our magazine group later tonight though and working on our project! I’m kind of excited for it, now that I have a better idea of things (:

Side note: the pens I brought today aren’t really the best for writing a lot, but I brought other ones, so I’ll be better tomorrow.

More later! Bye


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