Definitely not ready. 

Today: My NYU ID was picked up. A MetroCard was purchased. Lots of groceries were bought. The subway was ridden. The World Trade Center was visited. The classroom building was visited. Anddddddd general panic was had. 😦 

Let me clarify about that last bit. I’m not the best when it comes to studying and researching. I was the student that just about everyone in school hated – you know the type: didn’t try very hard but still got A’s? Yeah, that was me. It was great while I was in highschool and college. And I appreciate that things just clicked for me and I didn’t have trouble with the way others can. 

It has the slight downside though in that I don’t actually know how to study? In any event, I may have finished my pre-program assignments for tomorrow. But I’m definitely not read up on the industry news like I should be. Well, I’ve read a lot of it, but it’s not exactly sticking. 

It’s my own fault really. I should have been writing things down. But I didn’t, so now I feel very behind and unorganized. And to combat that feeling, I typically make lists or fill out schedules/planners. But of course, in filling out my planner, I completely screwed up, in pen, anddddd now I’m more stressed out. 

Self pep talk: I’m just nervous, okay? And I’m giving myself more stress. Stop it. Tomorrow will be fine. You can catch up. Planners are everywhere. You can make one even. Set your alarm. Go to sleep. 


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