My New Home (:


Gramercy Green is pretty nice. Not super fabulous, but hey, what college dorm really is?

The top photos are of my room (there’s another bed and dresser and desk to the right of the photo). I had my actual bedding shipped and it gets here Friday. Until then, I’ll get by with my blanket and clothes on top of the dresser. Haha.

That view of the kitchen is from the door to my room! And the dorm suite door (third photo) actually opens up into the common space/kitchen so there’s that.

The next photo is a look down the short hall to the bathroom, past the second room (on the left there) in the suite, where one of my roommates is unpacking with her parents (: The door directly ahead is a small closet.


This next room (the door to which is on the right hand side in the photo above) is the bathroom, which has some really nice mirrors hahaha.


So yeah, welcome to my home for the next seven weeks! (:


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